Flock Up In The Sky is the third episode of the second season of Sheep In The Big City and the sixteenth episode overall.

Flock, Up In The Sky


December 16, 2001

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Episode Overall

Season 2 Episode 3


X Agent returns and swears to protect Sheep from General Specific and his army.


  • This spisode had the most reviews in toonzone. 
  • This episode's animation is way different from the others, and it is the only time it is seen.


  • General Specific: -after capturing Sheep- So Sheep, this is how it ends. With me winning and you losing, and don't try to escape like you always do, because you can't defeat me, I'm General Specific Man!
  • CPG: -after arriving- What a bummer! Oh, by the way, someone gave me this telegram for you and I took dileberaty of reading it! -clears throat- X Agent, your needed in Toledo, urgent, this is not a convienient way to get you out of this show. Signed, the writer.