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General Lee Outrageous

Gender: Male
Friends: Private Party, The Booty Squad, Sheep (possibly, one sided)
Enemies General Specific, Private Public (Possibly)
Family: General Specific (First Cousin)
Voiced by Joey Mazzarino

General Lee Outrageous is General Specific's "crazy cousin" .


General Lee Outrageous is an outrageous personality who thrives on abundant stimuli. Compared to his hypeman Private Party, he is far less cunning and more antagonizing, harassing those who don't submit to his demands to make merry. When badgering proves unsuccessful, he orders "The Booty Squad" to dance the unsuspecting victim weak.


General Specific[]

General Lee Outrageous's bombastic personality clashes greaty with that of his cousin's. He prides himself on his popularity amongst clubs, and deems his cousin lesser, or "square", for not getting into party joints such as Studio 56. As a result of this clash, there is a lingering sense of spite between the two. However, the cousins were able to reach brief reconciliation in "A Star is Shorn", where they both reluctantly accepted each other's failures.

Private Party[]

Private Party is General Lee Outrageous' hypeman. He serves to fuel Outrageous' enthusiasm and offer him new and comically sinister ways to torment Sheep.


  • He is a stereotypical 1970's Disco Partier
  • He keeps up with the latest trends
  • He is very pushy compared to General Specific
  • General Lee Outrageous has no interest in capturing Sheep. Rather, his interest lies in expanding his party crew and follower base, of which Sheep had the misfortune of getting caught in.
  • General Lee Outrageous appears in only two episodes: "A Star is Shorn!" And "Party of the Shear!".
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