General Lee Outrageous

Gender Male
Friends Private Party, The Booty Squad, Sheep (possibly, one sided)
Enemies General Specific, Private Public (Possibly)
Family: General Specific (First Cousin), Officer Specific (Grandfather)(Decease)
Voiced by Joey Mazzarino

General Lee Outrageous is the Cousin to General Specific.


General Lee Outrageous main purpose is to party unlike his cousin General Specific and, seem to like the company of sheep due to the fact that sheep has some serious dance moves. He is known to party anyone to the ground when they want to stop partying which is shown when General Lee Outrageous has the booty squad dance sheep to the point of exhaustion.

Relationship with General SpecificEdit

General Lee Outrageous does not seem to like his cousin much due to the fact that General Specific is a square that could not even get into Club 56. In addition he seems to be a lot smarter than his cousin due to the fact that it was General Outrageous pointing out that Specific allowed sheep to escape; when it was Specific whom asked Outrageous to throw a party for him in order to capture sheep for the sheep power ray gun.

Sheep in the Big City - Party of the Shear

Sheep in the Big City - Party of the Shear


  • He is a stereotypical 1970's Disco Partier
  • He keeps up with the latest trends
  • He is very pushy compared to General Specific
  • General Lee has no interest in capturing sheep but, he does seem to be quite fond of sheep.
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