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General Specific is the main antagonist of the series. He is Sheep's arch-nemesis, Private Public's boss, and the leader of the Secret Military Organization (SMO).

General Specific
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Friends: Private Public, Sheep (formerly, disguised)
Enemies: Sheep. General Lee Outrageous, Private Party
Family: General Lee Outrageous (first cousin), Officer Specific (grandfather) (deceased)
Voiced by: Kevin Seal, Peter Zhelder (Denmark)


General Specific possesses a portly figure and is the shortest amongst his men. He dons green general attire, hence the three yellow bands sprawled across the sleeves, and is decorated in various pins asserting his military rank. He has a long, bulbous nose accompanied by a set of yellow eyes and a chronically-clenched mouth. A single star compliments his abnormally tall hat.


General Specific is typically defined by his undying determination to capture Sheep. His determination manifests in various ways: mostly in that of over-the-top schemes and poorly-executed attacks. On occasion, he can seem overly prideful and incompetent, but numerous episodes have demonstrated his true intelligence.

Episode Appearances

General Specific gets a major appearance in almost every episode of Sheep in the Big City; with the notable exception of "Mistaken Identi-Sheep", "Beauty and the Bleats", "Belle of the Baaah", and "Wish You Were Shear!", where he makes only minor appearances.


  • When General Specific talks, only his lips move while his teeth are clenched.
  • In "Flock, Up in the Sky!" General Specific assumes the superhero persona "General Specific Man". His newfound powers include levitation, laser-eye beams, and super strength.
  • General Specific is the first cousin to General Lee Outrageous, whom is a typical 1970s disco partier.
    • It's also revealed that he and his cousin hate each other, possibly because they have different personalities (General Specific is known for being focused and self-centered, possessing a great ego and determination to capture Sheep, while his cousin, General Lee Outrageous, is known for being a party animal, partying a lot and enjoying himself as if he were in the 70s).
  • In his first appearance in "In the Baa-gining," he has three stray hairs and the brim of his hat is black.  As the series progresses, those aspects of his character design shift, albeit very slightly.
  • In "Fleeced to Meet You!", it is revealed that Generals Specific stands at 2"4'.
  • Despite not being confirmed by Mo Willems, General Specific's inability to concentrate, difficulty interpreting tones and meanings, and apparent need to occupy himself with toys (I.e. paddle balls, cup-and-ball games, teddy bears), or stim, strongly implies some neurodivergence.
  • In "Oh, the Ewe-manity!", General Specific professes an adoration for someone named "Ms. Winklebauer". The identity of this mysterious woman is never revealed.


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