General Specific is the main antagonist of the series. He is Sheep's arch-nemesis, Private Public's leader and boss, and the leader of Secret Military Organization.

General specific
Gender: Male
Friends: Private PublicSheep (while wearing a dress) (love interest) (formerly)
Enemies: Sheep. General Lee Outrageous, Private Party
Family: General Lee Outrageous (first cousin), Officer Specific (grandfather) (deceased)
Voiced by: Kevin Seal


General Specific is short and plump compared to the other soldiers. He also has a dark green hat along with an army uniform that shows badges that prove his rank.


General Specific has a huge ego, so he will not admit he has failed to catch Sheep.


General Specific was holding a press conference of a newly developed ray gun that was powered by sheep but, only one sheep could fit the shape of the ray gun in order to power it. But General Specific told him what private organization he was part of.

When searching for sheep in the big city he finds him but, falls in love with him due to the fact that sheep is wearing a dress. But General Specific to be a sheep himself.


  • When General Specific talks, only his lips move while his teeth are clenched.
  • General Specific was once made into a superhero in order to defeat X Agent and capture Sheep to use the sheep-powered ray gun.
  • While Sheep was in a dress, he mistakens Sheep to be an enchanting woman that not only captures his heart, but his soul as well. 
  • General Specific is the first cousin to General Lee Outrageous, whom is a typical 1970s disco partier.
  • In his first appearance in "In the Baa-gining," he has hair and the brim of his hat is black. 



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