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Lisa Rental

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: N/A
Friends: Sheep (sometimes)
Enemies: Sheep (sometimes), X-Agent
Voiced by: Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Lisa Rental is a annoying little girl whom thinks Sheep is a "Cutesy Wootsey Doggie" and tries all she can to get him.


Lisa loves to refer to Sheep as "Doggy woggy poggy noggy soggy floogy moggy shoggy loggy Doggy". Her name is a pun to the words "Lease a Rental". She meets General Specific she convinces him that sheep was a dog by having sheep obey her commands (not knowing her true colors at the time, sheep played along) and telling General Specific that sheep was a sheep dog. This was only one account that Sheep was actually happy with Lisa.

Relationship with Sheep[]

Lisa plays with Sheep whenever given a chance. There have been many accounts when she has made Sheep do some humiliating things such as dress as a woman and play as her spouse. However its shown that she cares for Sheep and wants to be with him no matter what goes on.

Other Things about Lisa[]

In the song "Clearance Day" its shown that she also play rough with her toys; due to the fact that she has a doll that does not seem happy being held by Lisa.

Encounter with X-agent[]

Like Sheep, she thought X-agent was a Sheep dog as well but, when X-agent showed his martial arts moves that destroyed the head of one of her dolls; she stated that she was afraid of X-agent and backed away from him.


  • One of the most common phrases Lisa uses is "I'm bored".
  • In the episode Home for The Baa-Lidays, Lisa's mother appears. Like most cartoon parents, her face isn't shown and sometimes would say "Wah-Wah" like the adults in Peanuts.
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