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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: N/A
Family: General Specific (Grandson), General Lee Outrageous (Grandson)
Spouse : Madame Richington (Possibly)
Enemies: Sheep
Status: Deceased
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Officer Specific was the Grandfather to General Specific and General Lee Outrageous.


Officer Specific was the head of the police force in the big city.  He started chasing sheep's Grandfather when he accidentally ate his sandwich.  He and the entire police force went to hunt down Sheep but, missed with every effort made.  While chasing sheep he met Madame Richington whom he show his gentleman qualities to her that seem to woo her.  Later own it shown that Madame Richington decided to help Officer Specific in capturing sheep in which he did. 

Later on in the episode it shown that Officer Specific and Madame Richington are dancing together which probably indicates that the two later married in order for them to become the grandparents of General Specific and General Lee Outrageous.  


  • He bares the same appearances of his Grandson but, he appears to be a typical 1920's cop.
  • Unlike his Grandson he was able to capture sheep.
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