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Private Public is a one of the main antagonists of Sheep in the Big City and General Specific's right-hand man.

Private Public

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Family: General Public (Father), Private Party (Presumed Cousin)
Friends: General Specific
Enemies: Sheep
Species: Human
Voiced by: James Edmund Godwin


Unlike his boss, Private Public is tall and slim. He wears a green army helmet and a light green uniform held up by a dark green belt and accented by a simplified rendition of the United States insignia for Privates. His eyes are dotted and his sharp nose dominates his profile.


General Specific[]

General Specific is Private Public's boss and best friend. Despite General Specific's countless jabs at his status and sporadic outbursts of bitterness toward him, the two seem to have an almost unbreakbale bond. In their key duet "I'll Give it a Chance", the two sing a ragtime tribute to their friendship, in all its ups and downs.

Plot Device[]

Private Public and the Plot Device have a sound relationship. They don't interact much, but when they do they tend to be on a similar wavelength. In "Party of the Shear", the two can be seen dancing together in ignorant bliss.


Private Public and his father, General Public, have a somewhat strained relationship. General Public disapproves of his son's military rank and believes him to be too soft on his duties. He has little respect for his Private Public's privacy and overshares intimate details regarding his childhood. Before his tearful departure in "Daddy Shearest", he tells his son that "If you capture that sheep, I'll love ya'."


  • Private Public seems much more aware of his surroundings, making him the "brains" to General Specific's "lack of brawn".
  • Both he and Farmer John are both voiced by James Edmund Godwin
  • In "Daddy Shearest", it is revealed that Private Public wet himself until he was 17-years-old, had abnormal spots on his buttocks as a baby, and that his father, General Public, was a general in the Peloponnesian War.
  • In "An Officer and a Gentle-lamb", Private Public professes "I've served the Secret Military Organization for years with loyalty and dedication, and I'm still a Private!". How many years Private Public has worked for the SMO is unknown. In the same episode, Private Public deems himself "the world champion at running through tires", with a physical accolade to match.


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