Private Public is General Specific's right hand man.


Private Public right

Gender Male
Age N/A
Family: General Public (father), Private Party (Possible cousin)
Friends General Specific
Enemies Sheep
Species Human
Voiced by James Edmund Godwin


Private Public is tall and slim unlike General Specific. He wears a light green army helmet and a light green uniform along with a dark green belt.

Relationship with General SpecificEdit

He is the only friend to General Specific and, seems to tolerate his short comings but, is willing to help General Specific to the best of his ability. But Private public which has been shown to the max in Daddy Shearest.

Relationship with Plot BotEdit

But Private Public and the Plot bot have a good relationship together due to the fact they were seen dancing together at a party that General Lee outrageous held to help General Specific catch sheep. But Private Public would ask the plot bot for help or even encourage General Specific to use her to find ways of capturing sheep.  But Private public did not seem happy when General Specific use the trap door made by the Angry Scientist, on Plot bot.  

Relationship with his fatherEdit

Private Public does not seem very happy with his father due to the fact his father has showed pictures of him as a baby, which some included him having spot on his buttocks. In addition his father seems to be very hard on him because is a typical old war veteran with his beliefs on what should be done in order to get done. However he finally shows how much of a man he is to his father by releasing sheep after his father captures him. 


  • He is much smarter than General Specific
  • He and Farmer John are both voiced by James Edmund Godwin


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