Gender: Male
Species: Sheep
Age: N/A
Family: Sheep (Grandson)
Enemies: Officer Specific
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Baa-dern Times
Grandpa Sheep is the Grandfather to sheep whom appeared in Baah-dern Times.


Like his Grandson he went to the city after Farmer John's Grandfather tried to eat him.  He went to the Big City to start his life anew where he came across the Grandmother of Lisa Rental whom was blind and, had to sell flowers for a living which Grandpa Sheep bought from her. 

He runs into Officer Specific whom is the grandfather of General Specific and General Lee Outrageous.  Officer Specific hunts Sheep down for eating his sandwich accidentally after being punched by a man whom he ate his flower that he intended to give to a woman.

life on the farmEdit

Unlike his grandson he did not have to worry being chase down in order to be use in a sheep power ray gun but, he was hunted down on the farm for the main purpose of food because in the time period the episode was in, it goes on the basis of the great depression when many people went hungry and became desperate for food.


  • Shares the same appearance sheep but wears a Derby Hat.