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The Angry Scientist is a hunchbacked scientist who is consistently angry, and despises being called "mad." He is the head of the Secret Military Organization’s Research and Development Department and is responsible for the invention of the Sheep-Powered Ray Gun.


  • In “Sheep, Perchance to Dream!”, the Angry Scientist undergoes a series of changes to his name, all which he is uncharacteristically comfortable with.
  • He is “ambiguously European” , according to General Specific in “Going off the Sheep End!”.
  • Despite being most well known for the Sheep-Powered Ray Gun, the Angry Scientist has various other inventions under his belt, including by not limited to a Steal-Wool Machine, a device that changes the way characters are drawn, and dangerously powerful laser pens.
  • Compared to Private Public and General Specific , the Angry Scientist seems comparatively less gullible and more aware of his surroundings.
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