Sheep in the Big City - The Wool of the People

Sheep in the Big City - The Wool of the People


General Specific is running against sheep as Mayor of the Big City.


The Mayor Prior to the Big City has made it illegal to capture sheep within the City limits thus General Specific cannot use sheep for the Sheep power ray gun. 

Lady Richington decides to be General Specific's Campaign Manager in order to help him get rid of sheep in the Big City, however, on the farm farmer John did not like the campaign that General Specific was running so he decided to go to the big city in order to stop it.

Wool of the People-Audience

The Wool of the people

Farmer John decides to be Sheep's Campaign Manager for mayor so, that General Specific could not ban sheep from the big city for, Farmer John believes that sheep are children of democracy.

At the end of the episdoe the Ham sandwich wins as mayor and gives a temporary Amnesty to all sheep. 


  • While running his Campaign as Mayor General Specific could not get the scripted name of his pretend wife right and, the children whom he said will remain nameless were dummies.
  • General Specific does not seem to be confortable when Lady Richington's laugh.
  • General Specific possibly owns a dog that has a flea problem.
  • A Ham Sandwich was also running for Mayor for the big city stating that the people will get free Mayo.
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