Agent X, left Sheep, right

Gender: Male
Species: Sheep
Age: N/A
Friends: Sheep, General Specific (formerly), Private Public (formerly)
Enemies: Sheep (formerly), Lisa Rental, General Specific, and Private Public

X-Agent is a black-wollen sheep whom was hired to befriend sheep in order to have him captured.


After dropping the Angry Scientist and the Plot Bot through the trap door, the Plot Bot had hired x-agent in order to trick sheep into being captured by General Specific in order to use a sheep power ray gun.   This seem rather strange due to the fact that x-agent is a sheep just like sheep.  X-agent has studied martial arts due to the fact when he encounter Lisa Rental, he produce a martial arts move that destroyed the head of her doll which scared her.  

Relationship with SheepEdit

After spending some time with Sheep he feels remorse after betraying sheep, he betray General Specific in order to free sheep.  In Flock, Up into the Sky X-agent becomes very overprotective of sheep and, does everything he can to make sure that no harm comes to sheep by General Specific whom is now an enemy. 


He has a similar appearance to sheep but, he is a black wollen sheep. When he bleats it has a swagger to it.

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